Who We Are

We are a branding agency that helps clients identify and connect with their target audience.

Embassy is an Austin-based marketing agency that specializes in building brands and connecting them with their target audiences. We believe that brands grow when they create meaningful communities of passionate customers. In other words, brands succeed when they make ambassadors. We help brands accomplish this through innovative campaigns, immersive experiences, and business strategies that tell a brand’s story at every touchpoint.

Founded in 2015, Embassy has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients. Our team has created a grassroots clean water initiative that has raised more than $600,000, overseen the development of an award-winning web platform, hosted a fundraising event attended by 1,000 leaders in the outdoor industry, executed revenue-driving marketing campaigns for apparel companies, and designed unique brands for small businesses. And we’re always up for a new challenge.

What We Do

Brand Consulting

Just because a company is growing doesn’t mean its brand is ready to grow too. Growing a brand requires a short- and long-term scaling strategy, comprehensive marketing plan, and consistent narrative. Embassy will help position your brand for greater success, whether you’ve been around for a month or a decade.

Brand Identity

If a brand is going to succeed, it needs a clear, recognizable identity that strengthens customer loyalty. Embassy will build your brand from the ground up, creating a complete visual language, logos, collateral, voice guides, and brand standards to help you execute your brand consistently across channels.

Brand Community

Creating a robust and authentic brand community gives a business a huge competitive advantage. But creating these communities is really complicated. Using our Brand Community Map approach, Embassy will identify, develop, and empower the communities of people who love and advocate for your brand.

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